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Establishing the foundation for the innovation in commercialization of technologies by small- and mid-sized photonics companies in Gwangju through the analysis into industrial and technological competitiveness of the companies and facilitating the commercialization of technologies by transferring potentially superb technologies to companies

Finding new photonics convergence businesses and methods to nurture the businesses

  • A task force composed of experts from the industry, academia, and research institutes finds new businesses and profit models.
  • Finding new business projects and generating profit models from the photonics convergence industry

Establishing the foundation for technology transfer of the photonics industry and supporting the commercialization of technologies of the photonics convergence industry

  • Forming and operating a specialized committee for technology transfer and commercialization
  • Establishing the integrated database which contains promising technologies owned by photonics-related research institutes
  • Supporting photonics companies' technology transfer and commercialization

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