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Establishing the system to carry out innovation for small- and mid-sized photonics companies in Korea after analyzing the technological and industrial competitiveness of photonics convergence industry and facilitating the commercialization of technologies by transferring outstanding technologies to companies

Projects to analyze the trend in domestic and overseas LED certification tends and to strengthen the capability

  • Operating an expert committee toanalyze domestic and overseas LED certification tends
  • Providing the result of the analysis and consultation services to improve the quality of products with the help of experts

Projects to support photonics products and LED products to enter into overseas markets

  • Planning the layout of the common exhibition space named “MIG (Made In Gwangju)” at major international exhibitions, operating the common space, and inviting major buyers to sign contracts
  • Supporting to make promotional videos about MIG and product promotional brochures

Operating the cooperation network between small-, mid-, and large-sized companies

  • Establishing and operating the marketing network for collaboration and matching businesses with businesses
  • Holding strategy seminars concerning new product development and collaboration, meetings, and performance announcement

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