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The Photonics Industry Exhibition Hall

The Photonics Industry Exhibition Hall is used to display all about the photonics industry, to help people, including experts and overseas buyers, have better understanding about the photonics industry, and to provide an opportunity for a better marketing chance.

  • Location
    1st Floor of KAPID Building
  • Established
    November 2004
  • Size
    268 m²
  • Number of photonics products displayed
  • Target
    Open to anyone who has interest in photonics convergence industry(i.e. overseas buyers, relevant institutions, students)
  • Operation Hours
    Monday to Friday (9:00 ~ 18:00)
    Closed during national holidays
  • Inquiry
    Soo-yeon Kim
    Management Support Dept.
    Tel: +82-62-605-9624 / Email:

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