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Securing and strengthening the competitiveness of South Korean photonics industry by the provision of statistical research analyses into the photonics industry, promotion of the industry, analysis into technological trends of market leaders and market trends of each photonics product, research and analysis of the industry, and high-end information

Provision of analysis results of market and technological trends of the leaders in the photonics industry and photonics convergence

  • Understanding the trend of the global photonics market by analyzing each nation's industrial trend
  • Preparation and distribution of the report on leading technologies for each major photonics product and technological and market trends

Provision of support to promote the photonic industry

  • Invitation of new photonics products to the exhibition hall of the photonics industry and operation of the exhibition hall
  • Promotion of photonics products via travelling exhibitions and composition and operation of exhibition booths
  • Preparation of promotional brochures for the photonics industry
  • Distribution of electronic newsletters about the photonics industry

Analysis of statistical researches into photonics businesses

  • Management of the database of South Korea's photonics businesses and statistical researches into the photonics industry
  • Formation and operation of an advisory committee for each statistical field of the photonics industry
  • Preparation and distribution of the current status and future prospect of the photonics industry
  • Quarterly statistical research into photonics business in Korea and analysis of the research

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