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The Korea Association for Photonics
Industry Development (KAPID)
was established on March 30th,
2000 with the purpose of
the development of South Korea’s
photonics industry and the promotion
and expansion of relevant businesses.

The Korean government has selected the photonics industry as one of its high-tech industries for the 21st century and has established plans for substantial investment in and for systematic promotion of the photonics industry.

AS part of the government’s strong support, the KAPID was set up as a major civil organization to promote the photonics industry. We, the KAPID, will carry out diversified efforts to nurture and develop South Korea’s photonics industry and promote relevant businesses and will do the best to help South Korea achieve its vision of becoming the three biggest photonics centers of the world.

The photonics industry is a higher value-added cutting-edge industry based on new technologies. In accordance with the government’s plan to promote the photonics industry in three stages from 2000, the nation’s largest photonics-oriented industrial complex was established in Gwangju. With the objective of completing the project named “Photonics Convergence 2017” which aims to promote world-class leading photonics businesses, the KAPID will engage in extensive consultation with interested government agencies in order to develop sophisticated businesses based on the photonics industry.

We will endeavor to encourage the installation of LED lights at underground parking lots of multi-dwelling units, local and central government buildings, and private and educational buildings as LED lightings can be an alternative to save electricity. We will provide more marketing support to members to help them enter into the overseas market and succeed by finding and highlighting success cases at each business center in the world and providing the information on the local market in collaboration with KOTRA’s Korea Business Centers. In addition, to nurture the photonics industry and make it more competitive, we will establish the collaboration system among photonics components, photonics systems, and construction companies, support pioneering new domestic and overseas markets, support the commercialization of photonics technologies in collaboration with the industry, academia, and research institutes, and, under the common brand name of the photonics industry “LUXKO”, designate more products as those suitable for public procurement with a common trademark certified by the Public Procurement Service.

We will concentrate our efforts on expanding the scope of the photonics industry as a means to develop future growth engine of the photonics-electronics convergence industry by helping the commercialization of relevant technologies related to OLED, infrared lens, and photo sensors which have higher potential for development.

And we operate the one-stop assistance center to deal with the troubles photonics businesses are experiencing in real time, such as those related to government policies, certification, and manpower supply, while they are managing their businesses. We hope more members use the assistance center.

The KAPID will play the pivotal role to unify the forces of the industry, academia, research institutes, and the government related to photonics to address the problems which have to be dealt with to make the photonics industry the growth engine for the future of South Korea for the next 10 years.

We hope you provide more encouragement and support and will promise you to do the best in protecting the rights of the photonics industry and promoting its common interests.

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