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Optical communication system Zone


  • Location : 1st Fl. in the main building of KAPID
    • Area : 227.4㎡
    • Opened on : Nov. 2002
    • The number of visitors : Over 3,000
    • For : foreign buyers, organizations, businessmen, general public, high school students, college students and those who are interested in learning about optical electronics industry.
    • Hours : Mon(09:00) ~ Fri(18:00), closed on sundays and holidays

Optical communication system Zone

6 major areas of optical electronics business

  • Optical Communication image Optical Communication
  • Optical Sources & Opteelectronic Devices image Optical Sources & Opteelectronic Devices
  • Optical Precision Instruments image Optical Precision Instruments
  • Optical Materials image Optical Materials
  • Optical Information Instruments image Optical Information Instruments
  • Optical Instruments image Optical Instruments

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