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KAPID announces 2020 support programs for global photonics convergence market entry

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Date(2020-05-07 17:02:21)


KAPID Announcement 2020-32

KAPID 2020 Global Market Entry Combined Support Program

Dear members of association and representative directors of photonic convergence companies, who actively cooperate for the develop
ment and promotion of photonics convergence industry, we wish you all the best in business and development.

Please refer to changed dates of the "2020 Global Market Entry Support Program" due to the influence of Corona-19, and apply accor
Program includes combination of international events to select and apply:

  • - Vietnam and Thailand photonics convergence distribution performance roadshow &
    Indonesia photonic convergence export trade conference('20. 10. 14 ~ 23)

  • - International Lidar Industry Innovation Forum and Conference('20. 11)

  • - Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Stuttgart, Germany('20. 9, KAPID Korea Pavilion)

  • - LED Expo Thailand in Bangkok('20. 10. 7 ~ 9, KAPID Korea Pavilion)

KAPID supports round trip airfare for one person per company(80% for conference, 60% for expo), exhibition booth & installation co
st(90%), promotion expenses including translation service, ground transportation expense, and exhibition product shipping cost(one-

Inquiry: Peter Tak(+82-62-605-9643 /, Bella Kim(+82-62-605-9647 /


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