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KAPID expands support for entering North American photonics convergence industry

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Date(2020-05-07 16:51:18)


KAPID expands support for entering the core of photonics convergence industry, the North American region

Over 30 companies targeted strategic marketing in North American indsutry in the past three years, expecting fruitful sales outcome

In February, KAPID and 13 companies participated in one of the largest photonics convergence industry exhibition in the United States, "Photonics West 2020," as a joint Korea KAPID pavilion, and actively promoted Korean photonics convergence technology and products.

KAPID supported 90% of exhibition booth and participation fees, as well as free service of interpreters for all participants.

Over 6 selective photonics convergence industry international exhibitions and 4 export conferences are selected annually to provide support for Korean photonics convergence developers and manufacturers.

Promising buyers are invited to Korea with 70% airfare and free hotel fees support by KAPID in 2020 Internatinoal Photonics Convergence Trade Fair(August) and International Photonics Convergence Industry Exhibition and Conference 2020(November).
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