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KAPID begins designing for smart park pilot project in Laem Chabang, Thailand

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Date(2020-05-07 16:58:56)


KAPID work together with City of Laem Chabang, Thailand and DEPA for Smart Park project

Construction design(drawing) and execution plan in working phase for initial pilot project

KAPID's smart city development consortium of Korean photonics convergence companies and successfully offered to city of Laem Chabang in Thailand and began designing construction and execution plans.

First project of smart city development will be at a park including LED convergence lighting, solar energy generation, surveillance CCTV, central control system, LED signage and more, which would expand to more than 8 cities in Thailand.

The effort had been continuous for many years of international marketing with KAPID's support programs for Thailand market, and the recent two visits in 2019 to DEPA(Ditital Economy Protection Agency) and city of Laem Chabang were decisive for the smart park pilot project.

Laem Chabang pilot project is a part of government funding program of "Global Promotion Supporting Business for Photonics Convergence Solution."

The full program supports Korean photonics convergence companies with acquiring LUXKO co-brand international certification, pilot project installation, and various types of marketing plans including participating in international exhibition, dispatching overseas project excavation, publishing in overseas promotional media, inviting prominent buyers to Korea and more.
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